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Social media is on a different level now, It is time that you are too!
Bite-MARK takes it on a personal note again. Not forcing you to change habits or be someone else.

Your personality needs to be in your business, Bite-MARK just combines our strongest assets to make your company known in the digital and social age.

Why Bite-MARK

There is a reason why Bite-Mark exists. In a world filled with people that call themselves influencers and people that are real influencers it's hard to see who is who. Social media marketing is hot and everybody knows it.
What makes us different from the crowd is simple.
I did not start as a marketeer. I started working in technical environments, slowly building my own path to where I am now and I'm still learning, teaching and building.
I like to help people with what I know and bring one important element to the field: I care about what people really want instead of forcing them my ideas.
My experience in different fields taught me one important lesson:
Let people be themselves, let them understand who they are and they will market themselves!

And that is what Bite-MARK does.
Listening, reacting and finding the perfect way for you to do business in the way you feel good. Not always in the comfort zone, but true to your own personality.

Our Services

Bite-MARK offers a variation of services :

  • Consultancy

  • Social Media Marketing

  • (Digital) Storytelling

  • Webdesign

  • Social Media Training

  • Consultancy

  • Storytelling

  • Socialmedia marketing

  • Webdesign